Vitamix 750 – Easy Way to Blend Ingredients

Finding the best professional grade blender can be difficult nowadays but thanks to Vitamix you can easily get a professional blade blender on an affordable price. Their blenders are unique and equipped with all necessary features that you need to blend your recipes easily and smoothly. The Vitamix offers a wide range of blender for household and for professional use and today we are talking about Vitamix 750 blender. This blender is a professional grade blender for household use and it will surely ease your work in kitchen.

The Vitamix 750 is a little bit expensive as it cost 549.95 USD but the features it offers are worthy of that price. The blender is loaded with 5 pre-programmed blending settings which allows you to make perfect purees, smoothies, and hot soups. Also, these settings can also be used to clean the blender without disassembling it.

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Vitamix 750

The Vitamix 750 blenders comes up with a 64-oz container which is large enough to make large matches of recipes to store for later use. It can be very useful for the family parties or small house parties. Furthermore, this container is made up of plastic free material which makes it toxicity proof and ensure that there would be no chemicals in your recipes or anything you are blending in it.

Vitamix 750 is equipped with a 2.2 peak horsepower motor which generates enough force to break, and pierce every ingredient you through in it. Whether you are putting frozen vegetables, fruits, or any hard ingredient in it, it will easily blend them without creating any kind of fuss. Despite its extreme power, the motor will not produce a lot of noise and vibration.

The blades are of 4 inches in diameters and have laser-cut and hammer mill technology which allows the smooth and convenient blending every time you use it. These blades are made up of stainless hardened steel and are designed to pulverize seeds, hard ingredients, or any stubborn ingredient which are difficult to blend in any ordinary blender.

The blender has a 6 ft long power cord which allow you to plug in the blender and do the blending from a far distance. It will be helpful for a lot of people who doesn’t want to stand aside the blender for the blending process.

The unique thing about this blender is its pre-programmed settings by which you can set the time, and speed of each blending. You just have to adjust your desired time and speed on the LED panel on the motor base and you are good to go. The blender will automatically blend the ingredients and you don’t have to stand beside it.

The blender is a complete package for any housewife or cooking enthusiast and it will surely help you in your kitchen. The Vitamix 750 will ease your work in kitchen and with its cook book you can always try different and delicious recipes and can easily make them in your blender. We personally recommend you to buy this blender and we are sure that you will get addicted to it.