best text apps for hotels

Best Android Text Apps for hotels in 2017

During your time in our hotel you may want to chat with your friends, family memebrs or some close relatives. For that you need a good text app that gives you all the features and ability to talk to your friends from anywhere.

We have free WiFi available for all of our customers. We also have a bunch of extra free services for you as well but this article is going to be about text apps.

Best Text Apps For Android

Gone are the days when we use to send simple SMS and text messages to communicate. Now modern messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook have changed the complete industry and it’s time for you to join the next generation of text messaging and communication.

I don’t like the default text messaging app that is present in your Android phone, let’s become more innovative and make use of those opportunities that are available for us to make our chatting experience funnier and easier.

If you are still using the old text messaging apps, then forget them about for a second and let’s dig into my list of free text messaging apps that will make your phone much more advanced and will lead you to the next generation of text messaging apps.

So let’s start.


ChompSMS has ovr ten million active users from all around the world, it can be recognized as one of the most famous text apps available on Play store.

And why shouldn’t it be when it contains features like emojis to UI customization, everything that is packed with Chomp and you really don’t need any other option if you have this app.

It’s also compatible with Mighty text and Pushbullet to help you get connected with your desktop device or laptop.


Textra has complete changed the way it used to look after integrating to the material design from Android Lollipop.

It contains over 100 themes and skin so if you are a color fans, then it might be the right choice for you. There is also a intelligent option known as auto mode that can turn on the dark theme automatically based on your phone’s time.

The best thing is that it’s too lightweight that it’s roughly takes about 3 MB from your phone memory, from those 3 MBs you get full-fledged features like changeable app icon, dark and light mode for your app’s skin and ability to modify UI through bubble style

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